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For the Wildlife is a nonprofit organization founded by Avihu Sherwood for the purpose of rescuing, treating and rehabilitating wild animals. We are also very active in providing information and public education, to promote respect for nature and animals and their conservation. The operation of our clinic, where thousands of different wild animals – mammals, birds, and reptiles – are treated all year round, is entirely dependent on donations and volunteers.

About Us

Rescue and Relief

The animals, arriving from all over the country, are referred to us by the
Israel Nature & Parks Authority, municipal vets, the Israeli Wildlife
Hospital, and of course by alert and caring members of the public.

We are often called to perform complex rescue operations of injured
animals, and we always respond and help, wherever we are needed.

Treatment and Rehabilitation:

The animals that arrive at our clinic in Elishama receive dedicated,
professional care until they recover. They undergo a process of
rehabilitation, at the end of which they are released into the wild.

In cases where the nature of the injury does not allow release, the animals
are given a permanent, loving home on the farm grounds or in other suitable

Information and Public Education:

We often receive animals that were hurt by people – not intentionally, but
due to lack of information or inattention: tortoises that were kept in
homes and developed rickets due to inappropriate diet, animals that
ingested discarded plastic bags, fledglings that were picked up by people
thinking they had fallen from the nest, and more.

We have made it our goal to extend public knowledge about nature and
wildlife conservation, so that we can all protect Israeli nature and enjoy


We work in collaboration with the Israel Nature & Parks authority and the
Israeli Wildlife Hospital at the Ramat Gan Safari. We also receive much
help from amazing vets on a strictly voluntary basis.

We undertake to do all we can to rescue and rehabilitate any wild animal in
need of our help, and we can only continue to do so with your support,
through donations, volunteer work, or by spreading the word.

For the animals!

Our Activities

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