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Avian flu 2021

Dear friends and followers,
The avian flu outbreak that affects our country every year during the migration season has arrived, and as a result a mass culling of birds may be required, even at our clinic if an infected bird arrives here.

Therefore the Poultry Health Services ordered us to quickly set up an isolation enclosure outside the clinic premises, where all migratory birds will be kept until the necessary tests are completed. Such a facility costs no less than 30,000 NIS. The flu is already here and time us short. Every minute without an isolation facility puts hundreds of the animals treated here at risk.
We really need your help!
Bit or PayBox (054-5203071)
You can find more options at our website, https//
We'd also like to remind you that now is your last opportunity to make a text deductible donation to our NPO (article 46 certificate). Thank you!

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