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Vulpes  in Israel

For the Wildlife

Avihu Sherwood - NPO

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About Us

For the Wildlife is a nonprofit organization founded by Avihu Sherwood for the purpose of rescuing, treating and rehabilitating wild animals. We are also very active in providing information and public education, to promote respect for nature and animals and their conservation. The operation of our clinic, where thousands of different wild animals – mammals, birds, and reptiles – are treated all year round, is entirely dependent on donations and volunteers.

Avihu releasing fre a bird

This Egyptian goose almost lost its life.

The fate of the mother of these three chicks is unknown. In the end we managed to unify these two difficult tales into one story with a happy ending ❤️

3.5.22, 16:54

See how one little fishing hook discarded by a fisherman can become life-threatening‼️

This week we received a little egret, weak and with a wound under its right wing.

3.5.22, 16:53

This small coin-marked snake was brought to us with cuts on several parts of its body, probably made by man😢

The amazing Dr. Michael Vodovozov came and treated the coin-marked snake that needed a large number of stitches.

21.12.21, 9:51

The Latest News

Release of a Jackal rescued from a building

21.12.21, 10:43

Release of a Jackal that was rescued from the 27th floor!

21.12.21, 10:42

Release of Large Cormorants

21.12.21, 10:39

From an injured Jackal, to a healthy jackal returning back to the wild!

2.4.21, 7:33

Release of a Jackal

25.11.20, 18:09

Recent Releases 



Common Kestrel

Common Kestrel





Mountain Gazelle

Mountain Gazelle

Most common animals

Found a woundd animal button