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The good people and the trapped falcon

People who were hiking in the Mount Bental area found a common kestrel trapped on a high branch of a tall tree. The kestrel was in distress, and the people didn't know what to do. Luckily for the kestrel, a fruit vendor from Buq'ata who happened along came to its rescue, and with several people working together, they managed to get the trapped kestrel off the tree!

Only when they had the kestrel in their hands did they discover that it had probably been kept in captivity, since it had jesses attached to its legs, which caused it to get entangled in the branches when it escaped.
The exhausted kestrel was brought to us for treatment and acclimatization, and later on will be released back to the wild and the life of freedom it was robbed of.
We'd like to thank all the kind people who were there and didn't turn a blind eye, the terrific guy who didn't hesitate to climb the tree and save the kestrel's life, and all of you, for giving us the privilege of rescuing wild animals and returning them to the wild. 💚
Friends, please help us in our activities through our website,, Bit/Paybox 0545203071
Photographer: Roby Yahav
*The clinic operates with the approval of the Nature & Parks Authority

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