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This Egyptian goose almost lost its life.

The fate of the mother of these three chicks is unknown. In the end we managed to unify these two difficult tales into one story with a happy ending ❤️

The Egyptian goose seen here arrived in grave condition and with irreversible damage to its leg, which left us no option but to amputate it. After Dr. Michael Vodovozov performed the operation, we managed to stabilize the goose's condition using some special means and techniques available to us, and it is now adjusting to life with one leg. At the same time, we received three orphaned Egyptian goose chicks who barely made it here alive, and decided to try and bring them together with the adult Egyptian goose. At first our matchmaking attempts failed and the adult goose rejected the little ones. But at the end of an arduous process that took two weeks, our efforts bore fruit, and they now look like one big, happy and inseparable family!
Such stories prove to us again and again that nature can be very harsh, but full of surprises.

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